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Marsstr. 9
85609 Aschheim

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Phone: +49 89 14332930
Fax: +49 89 143329329
CMS Berlin 2019
  • Purus Innovation Award - nominated Purus Innovation Award - nominated

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Product description

Through an unique Encapsulation System TENAS 4IN1 takes over the task of five classical carpet cleaners: you only need one product for stain-removal, pre-cleaning, extraction cleaning, the cleaning with the bonnet pad methode and the dry cleaning system with the ANIKO 350 DUO BRUSH. With TENAS 4IN1 you can save time, money and space. The special Encapsulation System ensures that the dirt is broken, bound and encapsulated. The polymers prevent from re-soiling and greying. TENAS 4IN1 shortens the drying time, protects the carpet fibers and leaves a pleasant fragrance.

Fiber deep cleaning of stubborn dirt on all color and water resistant textile coverings, carpets and upholstery furniture made out of natural and systhetic fibers. Ideal for hotels, schools and administrative buildings.

As stain-removal:

Unscrew the TENAS hand brush and fill up the cleaning chemicals to the first mark. Dilute with water to the last mark. Screw the brush head to the dosing handle and apply pressure to the handle to dose the chemicals. Use the brush to rub off the stain from the outer side to the inner side.

As pre-cleaner for all carpet cleaning systems:
  1. Remove coarse impurities with a vacuum cleaner.
  2. Dilute TENAS 4IN1 1:12 with cold water.
  3. Spray the 1:12 dilution on the walkaway or the entire surface.
  4. Clean the carpet with a suitable cleaning system.
As an extraction cleaner / Bonnet System:
  1. Remove coarse impurities with a vacuum cleaner.
  2. Dilute TENAS 4IN1 1:12 with cold water for pre-cleaning and spray the walkaway.
  3. Dilute afterwards 80-100 ml TENAS 4in1 in 10 l cold water.
  4. a) Extract the carpet with a spray-extraction machine. b) Spray the Bonnetpad with the dilution and treat the surface to be cleaned with a single disc machine.
Dry cleaning System with ANIKO 350 DUO BRUSH:
  1. Remove coarse impurities with a vacuum cleaner.
  2. For intermediate clenaing, dilute TENAS 4IN1 1:12 with cold water, spray the surface to be cleaned and brush in with ANIKO 350 DUO BRUSH.
  3. For basic cleaning: In addition, sprinkle the granulate on to heavily soiled areas, brush in and remove woth the renovator.