APESIN multi Quick & Easy - NEW!

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CMS Berlin 2019

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CMS Berlin 2019

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Product description

As part of the QUICK & EASY portable dosing system, APESIN multi Quick & Easy is a disinfectant multi-purpose cleaner with a broad activity against bacteria, yeast, and enveloped viruses in institutional and public areas and ensures effective disinfecting and cleaning results in one step. This product is free of dye, and perfume and by the abandonment of ingredients such as aldehyde, phenol, alcohol, and chlorine there is no odour nuisance.

The QUICK & EASY System is a mobile and automatic dosing system, which needs no installation, no maintenance and no instructions. Incorporating efficiency and ergonomics, the QUICK & EASY system is the ideal cleaning solution for todays’ professional cleaning industry. With one handy foam head and the disinfection and green-Effective cleaning, it is a perfect cleaning solution for a wide range of environments. Its easy plug-and-play system allows to “foam-spray” every surface fast and safe. Dilution only happens directly and automatically while foam-spraying, which allows a constant clean and hygienic solution. Overdosing or unneeded prepared cleaning solutions are obsolete. The handy water cartridge can be filled everywhere, saving unnecessary ways to central dosing stations. Product spill or unintended contact with the detergents are prevented via the lock-and-key-system of each concentrate.

Among the QUICK & EASY cleaning system, the foaming TANET interior Quick & Easy is ideally suitable for cleaning of all water resistant surfaces, and the powerful TANEX performa Quick & Easy is the ideal stain remover for all types of adhesive soilings. For maintenance cleaning on all acid-resistant surfaces in sanitary areas and bathrooms, SANET daily Quick & Easy is the perfect choice. The power cleaner SANET power Quick & easy is perfectly suited for the removal of lime scale and lime soap in sanitary areas. For cleaning of surfaces with greasy residues in food processing areas, the foaming GREASE off Quick & Easy is the ideal universal cleaning solution. The disinfectant kitchen cleaner APESIN kitchen Quick & Easy is ideal for disinfecting and cleaning in food areas. As a multi-purpose disinfectant cleaner, APESIN multi Quick & Easy is the suitable product.