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  • Orbital Ace

    The Orbital ACE is a breakthrough in the range of single disc machines.It combines orbital and rotary motions into one, thereby causing constant vibration that is able to increase cleaning efficiency. This roto-orbital movement also gives the machine its great stability, thus enhancing the performance of a regular single disc machine. Users will find it easy touse as they will face little resistance from the machine, as such training time is greatly reduced. It is equipped with a safety switch …
  • QuickMop Papi System

    Being awarded with the SINGAPORE GOOD DESIGN AWARD, the QuickMop Papi System is a fully integrated mopping system that promotes fast and efficient cleaning while eliminating the need for a bucket or wringer. It brings both convenience and efficacy to the users. The Papi System is made of high quality material that is able to withstand robust daily usages. It is lightweight and easy to handle, thus making it stress-free for cleaners (both young and old) to use. It is best suited for use in areas …