Efficient reprocessing of cleaning textiles for contract cleaners

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CMS Berlin 2019

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Convenient, practical and professional when it comes to gentle fabric care:
The new Mopstars from Miele

Even greater convenience, more economical and with all the features to guarantee maximum protection to fabrics: Two new washing machines, now available from Miele Professional under the Mopstar logo are set to become the indispensable helpers of contract cleaners. These models are available with load capacities of 13 to 14 kg and 18 to 20 kg – and join forces with existing models with the same name.

With the new and patented door lock, opening and closing the door is child's play: The mere touch of a finger is sufficient to activate the automatic lock and start a wash cycle. A door opening with a diameter of 415 mm makes for simple loading and unloading – and considerably improves ergonomics at the same time.
Depending on their load capacity, the new machines accommodate up to 94 cotton or 145 microfibre mops (40 cm square) or more than 400 cleaning cloths which are washed and, in the same cycle, impregnated with detergent and disinfectant for surface cleaning (depending on the material and manufacturer). More than six practical quick-start pushbuttons can be used to select from the 12 programmes for contract cleaners, including cycles for mops, cleaning cloths and pads. The thermal and chemo-thermal disinfection programmes meet all the requirements of the Robert Koch Institute and are hence approved for use in nursing homes and hospitals.
The new, patented Mark II honeycomb drum goes a long way towards ensuring economical energy consumption. Its modified shower ribs convert the 40 l of water in the drum into up to 500 l of water which is repeatedly showered onto the laundry from above. The new arrangement of perforations in the shower ribs makes for particularly thorough wetting and drenching of
loads by allowing up to 500 l of water in total to shower down onto the load. Additional long holes at the base of the ribs ensure the fast and improved removal of coarser debris. Furthermore, the sculptured body of the Miele honeycomb drum lets garments glide gently on a thin film of water. The combination of the two features allows thorough washing whilst at the same time ensuring exemplary gentle fabric care. At the same time, incidents of long mop fibres penetrating the holes in the drum are reduced to a minimum – even at high spin speeds.
The new oval-shaped outer drum has no corners, nooks or crannies where detergent residue and particulate matter can accumulate. The outer drum, or suds container, hugs the inner drum tightly and creates the pre-requisites for the efficient use of water and energy. The sparing use of detergent and disinfectant is achieved through the use of a patented adapter for liquids which dispenses directly into the detergent dispenser.
Transportation to the installation site, too, is now considerably simpler and more convenient as all the plinths on these models allow palletiser access and, what's more, the machines pass through standard doors with ease, thanks to their compact dimensions. Additional convenience is guaranteed by the extremely smooth running properties of all the new models. The secret behind this is a combination of additional shock absorbers and a patented system comprising two independent sets of suspension springs which noticeably reduce vibration during spinning.